Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Change (Again)

(sebuah foto Sulli by: In Blossom)

Its time for a change in my blog! Been so long since i write any post haha. Just a warning, kayaknya mulai sekarang isinya bakal tambah gak penting lagi. oh, the photo above? iya gak nyambung. biarin.
Oh and from now on, i'll probably write in bilingual (?) A.K.A bahasa campuran gak ceto)


You are probably wondering about the new blog name, RAPunzel. Dont worry, this is just temporary until i find a proper name. What's RAPunzel? well, it began when i was bored in Edu Hostel, and made some weird doodle. I made a drawing of the long haired Rapunzel, who wants to be a Rapper(thats why the RAP is in capital) , and then she decided to cut her hair short and since then become.. well, umm, 'Gangsta Style'. Yes, its a very jayus drawing. Kapan-kapan aku scan deh. Yang ngerti ceritanya cuman aku, Latika, Rana aja-_-

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