Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I wasn't a big fan of kpop back then.  "Super Junior? why would anyone like a bunch of guys that looks like girls?" "SNSD? all of their faces look the same" That's what i used to think back then. but now, look at me now. I became a super junior fan. Kpop is such a karma. But i dont mind though, haha.

Bigbang and Infinite Karma

A long time ago, my sister show me an Infinite MV, it was 'Be Mine'. At that time, my thoughts were "It's good, but nothing special" and then a few days later i totally forgot all about them. And one day, when i was watching KBS, they are discussing about Infinite. And then they played the song 'Paradise'.   I was surprised, some of them sound like girls, haha (no offense). And just like that i kept singing 'Paradise' all day long and decided to download it. And then i download 'Be Mine' too. And i watch 'Be Mine' MV again. And suddenly i began to like them. Just like that.

Be Mine MV: 

As for Big Bang, I used to think they are weird. I still do now, but in a good way. I don't really like Big Bang back then. But then i saw 'Haru Haru' MV in MTV. It was awesome. And really touching. And just a few days ago my sister downloaded lots of Big Bang's song. And i have to admit, their songs are good. Really good. I listen to them almost everyday. Right now my favs are dont go home, high high, oh yeah, haru haru, and more!

Haru Haru MV

GD and TOP 'Dont Go Home' Performance

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